Mentorship & Sponsorship:
Building Broader Networks

Group of experts. Silhouette of five business persons.

Over the last year, we have had the opportunity to talk to organizations and vendors about the use of technology in taking a network-based approach to the advancement of women. This is the first in a series of six articles highlighting our findings. A huge thanks to GSV AcceleraTE for sponsoring this research and to Dr. Inga Carboni for her……

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  1. Laura Francis

    This is such an excellent point: “…simply encouraging women to have a mentor, encouraging her to attend a networking event, or connecting her to a high-powered individual is not enough. There needs to be a formalized and supported mentorship and sponsorship program.”

    I could not agree more. Full disclosure: I am the Chief Knowledge Officer at River mentoring software and have spent nearly 20 years advocating for mentoring in organizations. I’ve actually written about how to use mentoring to bring about more equality, such as through group mentoring, reverse mentoring, etc. I’m excited to continue this conversation and help people find ways to do more with mentoring. Thanks for this great research, Stacia and Emily!

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