Responsive Organization Survey: Open Now!

The Responsive Organization

Organizations rise and fall at an unprecedented rate these days. The rate of change is at an all time high and squeezing out more and more efficient processes is hitting a ceiling. Organizations that want to stand the test of time don’t just focus on being more productive, but instead spend their energy learning how to be more responsive. Specifically, they focus on identifying change, determining the best course of action, and then responding to that change quickly in ways that turns change and disruption into a distinct organizational advantage. 

But, what does that look like and what can organizations do today to be more responsive? 

That’s exactly what we’re trying to find out. This survey will help us:  

  • Clarify what a responsive organization looks like 
  • Understand the impact of being responsive on important outcomes 
  • Identify practices that help organizations become more responsive 

Why participate:

  • We’ll give you a copy of the final report to share with all of your friends
  • You’ll get to share your perspective 
  • You’ll feel good about helping 
  • We’ll keep you in the loop on this project


What it’ll take:

  • A mere 20 minutes of your time
  • Your honest opinion about your organization


How long you have:

We would love your participation before December 16th, 2019

Your responses will be kept confidential, we won’t share personal information, and we won’t contact you without your explicit permission. Help us out!

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