People Leaders

Arm yourself with the best information – so you can make transformative people decisions


RedThread memberships were built with true collaboration in mind. Membership gives leaders and teams access to some pretty great research (even if we do say so ourselves), and encourages them to participate in the research process.

Sure, we’ll summarize the major findings for you. But, on top of that, we also provide access to rich discussions, reading lists, and insightful data that gives you answers you sometimes can’t find in the summary alone.


Searching for answers to your talent challenges? We get it. We also get that you don’t just want an overview of someone else’s best practices. You want to know what will work for you and your specific team.

People leaders work with and trust us because we have 25 years of combined experience making sense of this crazy space. We can help with:

  • Insights on the latest trends and disruptions – keeping you one step ahead
  • Strategy review and discussions – helping you make sense of complex challenges
  • Sounding board for new initiatives and direction – giving you unbiased, expert advice

Education & Events

We know that unifying your team is one of your key challenges. That’s why, whether you’re educating your team on research, or helping your stakeholders understand key trends – we’re here to help.

Organizations work with us because we design impactful in-person and virtual events that engage audiences by strategically combining the latest research, industry insights, and stories. In the past, we have worked with clients in the following ways:

  • Keynotes: maximize the impact of your next gathering or conference
  • Webinars: leverage our knowledge right from your office
  • Workshops: launch your team to the next level with hands-on, fast-paced sessions
  • Roundtables: reboot your group with powerful, interactive gatherings

Looking for a different approach? Let’s talk about the best education and event strategy for your organization.