Tech Providers

Drive meaningful change for your clients


Need a thought partner? For a combined 15 years, we have helped HR tech providers stay ahead of human capital trends. We can help you with:

  • Insights on the latest trends and disruptions – so you’re always in the know
  • Strategy review and discussions – this way, you can be sure to maximize your impact
  • Sounding board for new initiatives and direction – so you get predictable outcomes that put you out front


We view tech providers as thought partners, and we’re interested in what challenges your customers are struggling with. RedThread partners with tech providers to sponsor portions (or in some cases, all) of our research studies. We maintain a rolling, 6-month roadmap and follow a collaborative process.

RedThread uses a collaborative approach and publishes research throughout the study. Standard outcomes of a typical project include:


short introduction to the research problem and


short article listing major findings and top reads from the lit review effort

Literature Review Summary

virtual gatherings of leaders talking through challenges and how they solve them


interviews with subject-matter experts and people leaders


major headlines of the study, presented in a sharable graphic form

Major Headlines

10-15 pages highlighting the results of the study

Final Report

Education & Events

Lately, we’ve found some of our HR tech vendors are just far enough ahead of their market to necessitate educating that market. If that sounds familiar – we’re with you. We work to design impactful in-person or virtual events that combine the latest research, industry insights, examples, and stories. Ways we have worked with clients in the past include:

  • Keynotes: engaging your people at your upcoming conference or gathering
  • Webinars: helping you maximize impact across your client base
  • Workshops: a hands-on approach that quickly ignites understanding
  • Roundtables: interactive events that engage and inspire your people

Don’t see an approach you like? Let’s talk about the best education and event strategy for your organization.


RedThread memberships are built with collaboration in mind. We value our relationships with the tech provider community and want to keep you in the loop with our published research and tools.

Because memberships are collaborative, being a part of the community also gives you a better sense of the challenges faced by people leaders.